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Mathematics is one of the few fields of knowledge that can be objectively described as “true” because all of its theorems are derived from pure logic.

The unit in marketing

And yet, to the uninitiated, these theorems often look extremely strange and illogical. Moreover, some humanistic citizens manage to think that mathematics is just boring. Here are some interesting stories from the world of numbers, which fully refute this hypothesis.
Fantail thinks this opinion is wrong and publishes some interesting facts about mathematics.

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The most ordinary unit can turn any product into a lure for customers. After all, the unit added to a whole number, causes us a subconscious sense of overcoming boundaries, going beyond the ordinary. The 11 herbs and spices at KFC, the legendary Levis 501 and Stanley Kubricks brilliant 2001: A Space Odyssey are all named after this principle.

It’s not that simple.

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There are only a hundred and fifty people in the entire world capable of “being on the front lines” of mathematics. Here’s an interesting story that might explain just how complex this science is. A few years ago, a pair of scientists, Bertrand Russell and Alfred Whitehead, decided to write a book called Principia Mathematica, showing that it is mathematics that underlies all science. Having already written 379 pages, the scientists decided to abandon their venture: only by this point could they fully prove that 1+1=2.

The magic of the unlucky number

You won’t find the fourth floor in Japanese houses and you won’t celebrate your birthday on the fourth number. In general, anything related to the number 4 is taboo, as the character is spelled almost the same way as “death”. We could only laugh at the superstitious Japanese if it were not for one fact: representatives of Japanese and Chinese race indeed most often die on the 4th.