Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

Are women better parents than men? It is an interesting question. There are many various points of view about this topic. Some people think that mother is more important in child’s life than father. But in modern society a single parent is a normal phenomenon. But father can not take the place of mother. And if it is a daughter, it is more complicated. But in every rule there is an exception.

So, let’s start to consider different opinions! Despite the fact that being a great parent depends on many factors. Mother create a more powerful connection with the kid and understand the child’s feelings and thoughts in better form. Moms are more tender, calm and kind. Also mothers usually spend a lot more time with child. They are playing various games, cooking and preparing school homework.

Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

Father is also very important person in kid’s life. They can take care and have the same connection with own child as mother. As a rule, father take care about correct discipline in the family. Often when children live with mother, they are disposed to crime. As a rule kids listen their fathers more than mothers. Some persons mention that father is responsible to educate kids how to do difficult work and so on. Besides dad is considered to be strict in comparison to mom who keeps kids in discipline.

To my mind mothers and fathers are important equally. Think about a mom without a husband or a dad without a wife. It will be so hard for them to bring up their children. Mothers are the same as fathers. Both mother and father are important for the child. Many experiments and analyses demonstrated that kids will develop more effective if they have both parents. Kids absolutely must live in a balanced environment so that they may develop their psychological and physical potential. In this situation a possibility to be a great parent is balance for each man and woman.

Mothers can leave own baby just as simply as fathers can. A true daddy can be the same as a mommy. That is why very difficult to say who will be the best parent for a child. It totally depends on the man and woman to determine who is better.

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